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British mystified by American anger over gas prices

BBC News – Why are Americans so angry about petrol prices?.

The BBC has an interesting article attempting to explain American anger over gas prices, despite that over here we pay half of what they pay in Europe, with pretty much the entire difference being taxes.  What’s funny is that they hit the nail on the head – lack of public transportation options – before coming up with amusing nonsense theories about oil being a symbol of American dominance, etc.

The big difference between transportation in the US and Europe is that in the US, public transportation is simply not an option, except in the biggest cities.  For me, I would have to use almost as much gas driving to the nearest train station as I would driving directly to work.   Of course, part of what funds the better public transportation in Europe is their high gasoline taxes.  In the long run, when gas prices rise further, it will work out better for them.


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