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Conglomerate-owned media silence on internet-censoring Protect IP Act

News has been a bit slow lately.  Fake apocalyse, Obama’s visiting Ireland, made up controversy with Israel.  If only there were something worthwhile to report…

Well, maybe someone might want to report on a new law that Patrick Leahy (D-VT) is pushing through Congress, comfortingly named the Protect IP Act.  The law is worrisome enough to Google that it said it will actually disobey the law if passed, and its chairman Eric Schmidt compared it to the Great Firewall of China that allows the government to block any website that it deems undesirable, like those discussing the Tiannamen Square Massacre.

So, when the same Eric Schmidt told 30 Rock’s Tina Fey to ditch her iPhone a couple weeks earlier, well, that’s Today Show material.  But the first step down the road towards a China-style Great Firewall internet censor – no one cares about that, right?  A Google News search for “Protect IP Act” shows none of the mainstream sources, except those that are internet-focused, even discussing it.  Why should they?  NBC’s owned in part by Comcast, CBS is closely tied to Viacom, ABC is owned by Disney, and Fox is owned by Newscorp – all companies that have fought many copyright battles and, assumably, lobbied for this bill.

These companies are no longer media.  They are marketing arms of their respective conglomerates.  The independents out here in the blogosphere, out there on Youtube and Twitter are all that’s left for giving news untainted by profit motive.


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