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“Could big media look any dumber?” asks world’s largest news media conglomerate

Could Big Media Look Any Dumber? – New York Post

News Corporation, the worlds largest news media conglomerate, wondered Tuesday whether Big Media had reached the apex of its apparent stupidity by covering an email release involving Sarah Palin, a prominent News Corporation employee.

The editorial appeared in the eleventh most-circulated newspaper in the nation, one of several top newspapers owned by News Corporation.   In the editorial, News Corporation mocked the “Palin frenzy” shown by prominent news organizations in which the sent “teams of reporters” and “recruited readers” to uncover “embarrassing tidbits”.   Tidbits like Palin’s request for someone to respond to a critical letter to the editor, which was labeled “especially intriguing” by News Corporation’s most-circulated paper, the Wall Street Journal.   That newspaper, one of several industry-leading News Corporation print, television, and radio-based news sources, posted all of Ms. Palin’s released emails on it’s site and invited users to search through them.  News Corporation specifically mentioned three non-News Corporation outlets that have lower circulation than the Wall Street Journal as examples of the big media frenzy.

News Corporation further stated that Ms. Palin, one of a handful of News Corporation employees that is considered a potential candidate to become the President of the United States,  came off rather unscathed by the email release.   The gargantuan news conglomerate asserted that Ms. Palin contrasted favorably to “Big Media” and it’s failure to cover “legislation and agencies” that affect Americans’ daily lives.


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