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Stupid War Powers Act Game continues, looks like everyone is a loser

House rebukes Obama but won’t halt funds for Libya – Yahoo! News.

A while back I wrote a short piece about the war powers act in which I pointed out that the Stupid War Powers Act Game (SWPAG) is essentially meaningless, but that Obama should probably comply with it anyway.  Since then, Congress has decided to start acting like the SWPAG  is ordinary, valid law that everyone must comply with (despite that no one does) and Obama has decided he will not comply with it, taking the blantantly false and unnecssary position that using robots to kill people is not hostilities.   So much for my opinion.

So we have this ridiculous result today, where Republicans in Congress rejected the authorization for Libya because they’re pissy that Obama took an extra month to ask them for their meaningless permission, but still funded the war anyway…which I guess is not the kind of permission that the War Powers Resolution envisions, as Congress must see it.  This goes on while Obama continues to carry out attacks in Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia without permission or any complaints from Congress.  Couldn’t be because his Republican predecessor did that too, could it?

Meanwhile the Libyan rebels are like WTF?  Are we being abandoned?

No, Libyan rebels, you’re not being abandoned.  It’s a silly political game we have in this country and it all means nothing.  Get back to fighting Ghaddafi, and hopefully a better democracy there than we have here.


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