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Reason #798,657,890,765 that News Corp is evil

UK reacts to closure of News of the World – CSMonitor.com.

News Corp subsidiary News of the World, which is apparently quite a big deal in the UK,  is closing due to a news scandal.  Now most news scandals involve things like a reporter trusting a source that turned out to be fraudulent, or at worst, making up news.  So what is News of the World accused of doing?  Let’s see:

Hacking the cell phones of:

  • The Royal Household
  • Various British government officials
  • Dead British soldiers
  • Murder victim Milly Dower (then still missing).  Yes, they hacked a dead woman’s phone.  That’s not the worst part.  They also deleted some of her voice mail messages, not only destroying evidence, but also causing her friends and family to falsely believe she may still be alive.

Bribing police officers to gain apparently non-public information.  Doesn’t seem to be too many details about that yet.

– Generally being a libelous and dickish publication that has brought false allegations, run entrapement based “investigation” pieces, and exposed embarrassing private information that is not of the public’s concern.

All this makes one wonder: is this limited to News of the World, or is it part of a wider News Corp method, possibly followed by its many subsidiaries in the US?  Of course reputable papers like the Wall Street Journal would probably stay away from this sort of thing.  Then again, Murdoch’s only been in charge of that paper since 2007.  Fox News has already had plenty of scandals of its own and seems eager to outdo itself again and again.  Time will tell.


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