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A sampling of Anders Behring Breiviks views (I think)

The media has been rather slow to post anything about the alleged Norway shooter’s views.  Using Google translate, archive.org, and a document rumored to be from the shooter (that happens to have his name on it), you can view a sample of what may be his  internet comments here.

Scroll down a bit to get to the Islam stuff.

One interesting note is that while he clearly holds some anti-Muslim views and fears about their supposedly violent beliefs, he does not seem to advocate violence or any other extreme action himself.

A sample:

tell me one country where Muslims have lived peacefully with non-Muslims without the Jihad against Kafr (dhimmitude, systematic slaughter or demographic warfare)?

I could name 40 countries / areas where this has had catastrophic consequences for non-Muslims. Can you please name ONE single example where it has managed to assimilate the Muslims? You seem limitless naive. Of course, some integrate but it is completely the result that counts (everything else is irrelevant).

How many thousands of new Europeans must die, how many one hundred thousand European women should be raped, millions robbed and tractor discarded before you understand that multiculturalism + Islam does not work?

Why do you think Norway will be the first country in the world for the last 1400 years in which this will succeed?

History repeats itself forever.

Again, extreme views and a sense of urgency, but he gives little clue that he might be violent.

Now this one is really interesting/ironic:

2009-11-30 02:32:30

The attack was most likely carried out by Muslims of Ingushetia, Dagestan and Chechnya.

There are now several key Jihadists who are wanted.

No “bomb” in other words …, p


I do not understand why cnn mention the extreme right and the National Socialists? I have never ever heard of a right extreme or NS terrorist attacks of importance on European soil. This sounds like kulturmarxistisk wishful thinking.

Emphasis added.


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