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2012 Polls: Obama losing to hypothetical Republican, but beating actual Republicans

I’ll say it once and I’m sure I’ll say it again: Republicans are better at marketing than Democrats.

How can you tell?  Take a look at the latest 2012 polls from RealClearPolitics.   Right there at the top is some alarming news: Polls show Obama trailing a generic “Republican” in 2012, 44.7% to 41.0%.  That’s not a huge gap, but it’s definitely significant.

So you’re thinking, ” Does this mean some Republican wacko like Michelle Bachmann is going to be our next president?”

Not so fast.  Obama’s beating Bachman, 50.0% to 37.6%.   Even the comparatively non-crazy Mitt Romney is getting beat 46.9% to 42.6%, the closest margin for all the candidates, except of course the  generic Republican  that beats Obama (the widest is Sarah Palin, who Obama beats 57% to 37%).

So Obama’s beating actual Republicans, most by a long shot, but losing to a generic Republican.  How is that possible?

Because as I mentioned, Republicans are just better at marketing themselves.  They’ve made the word “Obama” uncool by painting anyone who votes for Obama as a cult member, and have made “Republican” cool by starting the Tea Party ® brand movement, which aligns itself with the Founding Fathers aligns the Founding Fathers with itself.  What’s more, they’ve claimed that they can solve all of America’s problems by cutting “spending”, this mysterious money that disappears and apparently doesn’t go towards anything.  People like cutting “spending”, as long as they don’t know what the spending is for.

So people like “Republican” and they dislike “Obama”.  But the Republican marketing strategy has failed in one key respect – the one thing people still dislike more than “Obama” is actual Republicans.   People dislike Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, and even Mitt Romney.   Americans, even the easily manipulated ones, don’t like their ideas and don’t trust these people to run the country.  So until the Republicans find a candidate that matches their marketing, they’re going to have a lot of trouble in 2012.


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