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I’m taking a break from politics

With all this debt debate and whatever, I think I’ve had enough of politics. I’m increasingly becoming convinced that the wealthy and corporate interests are simply dominating Washington, and that complaining about it does no good. There’s so much misinformation, so much to get depressed about.

What else should I do? I dunno. I like science, I like philosophy. I’ll figure something out.

Here’s a picture of Jupiter, with the moon Io passing in front of it.   Why?  Because when was the last time you noticed just how cool Jupiter is?  Did you know all those clouds are made of hydrogen?  On Earth, hydrogen is a highly flammable gas, but on Jupiter it’s not, because Jupiter doesn’t have an oxygen-rich atmosphere like Earth does.  It’s a completely different world.  Apparently empty, devoid of life.  Just this huge, huge thing, sitting there.  Somewhere deep under that atmosphere are things no one has seen – metallic hydrogen, neon rain, massive storms that could swallow planets, made up entirely of unearthly substances.



Like many things in life, you don’t need to be wealthy, or powerful, to enjoy it.   Although admittedly, more NASA funding for exploration would help.  See, there I go again.


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