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On the word “juggalo”

I find it rather fascinating that the term “juggalo” is entirely reserved for the very specific meaning, “A fan of the American hip hop group Insane Clown Posse.”

The word should be a candidate for a variety of other meanings – it sounds much like “gigolo“, it sounds like something you might call a person that juggles, or uses jugs for one thing or another, or perhaps a person with large man-boobs, if nothing else.  It could be Spanish slang for a drunk, or perhaps an English term for a drunk Gigolo, or a buffalo that has a jug-shaped head, or one that juggles.  The possibilities are endless.

And yet, there is no other definition of this term whatsoever – no regular definition, no other slang term, no racial slurs,  not even any terms in Spanish or any other language that I can find – yes, I did check on Google Translate.   The urban dictionary page for the term is a whopping 36 pages long, and from the looks of the first page, all of them probably are references to fans of Insane Clown Posse.  How is this possible?  How is it that a seven letter word with so much potential is probably forever going to refer only to fans of a hip hop group that was somewhat popular during the late 1990s?

Fucking “juggalo,” how does that work?


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