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Perry makes huge, perhaps suspiciously large, gains in latest Rasmussen poll

In the latest numbers from Rasmussen, Rick Perry has become the first Republican candidate to take first place in a poll since Mike Huckabee dropped out – and he did it by 11 percentage points.

Now I’m not in the least bit surprised that Perry has managed to take the lead* – the idea of a well-educated, non-mainstream Christian from the North like Romney winning the GOP nomination is laughable to begin with, ignoring his vulnerability to attack based on his perceived policy similarities to Obama.  But suddenly surging ahead by 11 points?  That’s almost double Perry’s numbers from the last Rasmussen poll, and more than double from the last non-Rasmussen poll.

Now there’s one good reason for this:  Perry officially announced his candidacy over the weekend.  But is that enough to jump 11 points from a couple weeks ago?  Especially considering that other recent polls did not show much recent improvement in Perry’s numbers.  It’s also interesting that Michelle Bachmann’s numbers dropped after she won the straw poll.

I’m not necessarily saying there’s shenanigans involved and it may very well be legit, but it should be interesting to watch the polls this week to see if they show a similar jump.


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