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Relations with Tokelau suspended

I regretfully report that my blog’s longstanding mutually-beneficial relationship with the once-great nation of Tokelau appears to be coming to an end.  Unfortunately, I have been informed that Tokelau will be nationalizing the domain name politicsandwhatnot.tk, which it had provided to me for free in return for…well, nothing. Seeking to justify this wholly precedented violation of my blog’s legally baseless claim to the domain name, the Tokelau authorities have declared that the domain name has had less that 25 hits in 90 days.  Is that a crime?  All that shows is how little of a burden my domain name has been on the Tokelese servers.

To top it off, the Tokelatians have indicated that I can avoid these consequences by bribing them “$6.95 a year.”  To that, I say, millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute!

I ask that the Tokens reconsider this disastrous course of action, or face brutal economic sanctions.  That’s right – I will immediately halt all of this blog’s economic activity with the Nation of Tokelau.  I can feel them shaking in their boots from here.


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