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Rick Perry steals heart of Republican party

Texas Governor Rick Perry’s numbers have been rising unstoppably lately – and it’s easy to see why.  He’s some sort of Republican He-Man, making up for all the short comings of the others.  He’s white (Cain).  He’s male (Bachmann Palin).  He’s dumb and from the south, as well as a mainstream Christian (Romney).  Best of all, he can change his principles on a dime and start pandering to whatever his audience wants to hear at any particular moment (Paul).

For some reason, Intrade still has Perry at 37%.  What’s the other 63% for?  Well apparently, 30% still think Romney’s gonna win.  Pshh.  If you’re the most liberal guy in the GOP field and you read a book (any book) that’s not the bible, you only get one shot at first place.  The rest is divided between the horde of candidates who have absolutely no chance unless Perry for whatever reason drops out of the race.  However, that’s unlikely considering that he’s such a fucking jackass.


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