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Obama bends over and starts slurping Rick Perry’s jagon on Palestinian UN bid

Sorry for the language, but this upsets me greatly.  What happened is the Palestinians requested UN membership.  That’s right – the Palestinians didn’t bomb anyone, they didn’t shoot anyone, they made a peaceful request for their right to be  recognized as a state.

Rick Perry took the opportunity to blame Obama for this without any basis in a blatant pander to AIPAC.

So faced with Palenstinians finally embracing peaceful action for their liberation and ridiculous partisan attacks from Perry, what does Obama do?  Of course, he caves to the ridiculous partisan attacks.  He went to the UN and told the Palestinians that the solution to their land-theft issues lies solely in negotiating with Israel, and that he will veto anything that says otherwise (the only thing he’s ever willing to veto).  That’s the same Israel that happens to be taking Palestinian land and holding them under indefinite occupation, has admitted that it blockaded the Gaza strip to destroy their economy, and has retaliated recklessly to terrorist attacks with minimal concern over the loss of Palestinian civilians.

This action by Obama not only betrays the Palestinians, but it completely undermines the careful efforts the US had been making to change its image in the middle east.  It threatens to destroy the rejection of terrorism that was displayed in the Arab spring.  In short, it is directly adverse to US interests in the region.   If someone from the middle east says the US government is the lapdog of Israel, I can no longer argue with them.  Actually, I would argue with them – the US government is not the lapdog of all of Israel, but only the Israeli right-wing.

If I can speak for myself as an American citizen, without Obama speaking for me, I would say that the Palestinians are right to seek UN recognition.  The UN promised both the Palestinians and Israelis their own states decades ago.  Since that time, the Palestinian portion of that land has shrunk, and continues to shrink to this day, due to Israeli unilateral actions.  The Palestinians should look to other oppressed people for lessons – if they react like the Native Americans with acts of terrorism, they will be massacred and their remnants will be forced to settle on tiny unwanted plots, and given casinos as a consolation.  If they react with a disobedient but peaceful assertion of their rights like the Indians did with Britain, they will be much more likely to gain meaningful independence from Israel.

Please, members of the world community and other veto-holders, give our president and the Israeli right-wing the finger by approving the Palestinian community, and threaten to veto anything the US wants if they veto this.


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