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Latest Fox News poltical correctness: “higher earners” instead of “higher incomes”

Take a look at this article.  Throughout the text, it refers to taxes as being paid by “higher earners”.  As in:

“In a progressive system, higher earners pay higher tax rates on their income.”

Oh how horrible!  The more you earn, the higher your tax rate is!  It encourages people to not earn anything!  Except one problem – that’s not at all true.  Higher incomes, not higher earners, pay a higher tax rate in a progressive system.  If you make $70,000 from a handsomely-paying part-time job that you got from your dad, you’ll pay higher taxes than the sewer worker who makes $40,000 working overtime.  And is this a rare circumstance?  Look at the people you know personally that have high incomes and the ones that have low incomes – which ones “earn” more at their job?  Chances are, the ones that do really hard, intolerable, and difficult work – the sewer workers, the garbage collectors, the manual laborers – have lower incomes than those that make higher incomes – successful business owners, doctors, bankers.  That’s not to say the latter don’t work hard, most of them work very hard.  But to say that they’ve “earned it” more than the former is laughable.

A Google fight shows that “higher incomes” is clearly the far more common term.  So why is Fox News all about “higher earners” all of a sudden?  Do I even have to say it?  Because they’re a subsidiary of the Republican Party, which itself represents most entitled-feeling people in the country: the people who want to keep everything that comes to them without giving anything back to the country that helped them get it.  So Fox News is trying to control the language in an Orwellian manner in the hopes that we will all support those entitled-feeling people instead of the ones that are willing to give back and help society continue to function as well for others as it has for them.

Which might explain the well-document correlation between Fox News fans and assaholism



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