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Cain sexual harassment scandal leads to sharp decline in Romney’s numbers

According to the latest polls, Mitt Romney appears to have taken a hit from Herman Cain’s sexual harassment scandal – he’s down to 18.3%.  Many predicted that Romney’ would become the clear frontrunner after the scandal, but the opposite has happened.  Romney fell with Cain, and Cain is still in the lead.  Amazing.

Of course, Romney had nothing to do with the scandal, and the main beneficiary – Newt Gingrich, has a few sex-related and other scandals of his own.  Goes to show the bizarre, unpredictable, logic-defying nature of the Republican primary.  I’ve given up trying to understand it.  All the dogmatic beliefs, the whole “Kenyan” thing they go off on, the ridiculous clowns that they choose for candidates.   Can’t explain that.


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