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Americans for Tax Reform provides handly list of the pledge-signers that sank the supercommittee

So, as widely predicted, the budget supercommittee has failed.  Currently there are a number of pundits out there pretending to be struggling to figure out just why the supercommittee failed and straining to blame both parties in an attempt to appear nonpartisan when interpreting very partisan facts.  Here’s why the supercommittee failed: ALL of the Republican members of said committee signed a pledge that they would “oppose any and all efforts” not only to raise taxes, but also to even eliminate tax deductions.  The list is here.

On the list appear the following members of the supercommittee:

AZ-Sen Jon Kyl (R)

OH-Sen Rob Portman (R)

PA-Sen Pat Toomey (R)

TX-05 Jeb Hensarling (R)

MI-06 Fred Upton (R)

MI-04 Dave Camp (R)

Once again, that is each and every one of the Republican members of the supercommittee.  When reporting on the failure of the supercommittee, this is the ONLY fact that is relevant.  No Democrat signed a no-spending pledge.  It’s like we’re trying to move a big refrigerator that requires two people to carry.  The person on the left says “I’m willing to carry my end if you carry your end.”  And the other side says “No, I’m not going to carry my end because I signed a pledge never to use any of my own muscles.  You will have to carry it all yourself.”  Since the refrigerator requires two people to carry it, it stays where it is.  Who’s at fault?  Obviously, the person who wouldn’t carry his end because he signed a pledge.  This is elementary.  No further explanation is necessary.

Now I can hear people saying, “That’s an unfair analogy!  We can balance the budget with all spending cuts and no tax hikes or removal of deductions.”  Well if that’s the case, you’re free to try it yourself and submit the result in the comments.  Sure it can be done, but it’s going to look every bit as ridiculous as a man carrying a refrigerator by himself.

So there you have it.  The supercommittee failed because each and every Republican on the committee signed a no-tax pledge and for NO OTHER REASON WHATSOEVER.   The phony-centrist-favored explanation of the moment seems to be that Obama didn’t get involved in babysitting Congress enough, which is absolute horseshit.  The Republicans promised their most right-wing supporters that they would do everything in their power to make Obama a one term president, so Obama only would have solidified Republican non-cooperation further (even though it was not in need of any solidification).  The whole Republican strategy for 2012 is to refuse to cooperate, and then blame Obama for their own noncooperation.  Obama’s lack of involvement shows that he’s finally realizing that’s what the plan is.

We can do better than this.  No more pledge signers.  Look at the list and find your jurisdiction, and “oppose any and all efforts” to reelect them.  Whenever you hear their name, remind whoever spoke it that the person is a pledge-signer, who puts politics above reasonableness, cheap political points above effort, and fantasy above reality.  Point out that the pledge signer thinks you’re a sucker who can be tricked into voting against your own interests with cheap pledge porn that plays to your greediest emotions.  The budget mess is a direct result of the unreasonableness of the pledge-signers, and don’t let anyone say otherwise without contradiction ever again.


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