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I think I need a timeout

After my latest rant regarding the supercommittee and few anger-fueled runs on the various message board, I feel like maybe a break would be a good thing what with Thanksgiving coming up and all.  To the extent possible I will try to avoid writing about, reading about, and thinking about politics for a week’s time, to allow my anger to cool so I don’t use hyperbolic language about things like the Republicans using fear, hate, and greed to manipulate poorly-educated suckers into working against their own interests, because that’s not really fair.  There are two sides to every argument, right?  Well I don’t know if I believe that right now.   I really am starting to feel more and more like the most greedy and powerful are consolidating their control of government and demanding the last morsels of power held by the rest of us.  When others start thinking in that “us vs. them” mentality, that’s when they start saying stupid things and not being useful to the conversation, and I don’t think I’m immune from that. So I’m taking a break.

Besides, who wants to read this blog anyway?  Check out this kick-ass graphic from xkcd about money.


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