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In Iowa, Gingrich’s numbers halved in onslaught of corporate attack ads

In a preview of the role that barely-restrained corporate bribe-vertisements will play in the 2012 election, the Borg has scored an early victory.  They have halved Newt Gingrich’s numbers in the course of a few weeks in Iowa, while his national numbers have fallen too, but much less.

The most likely explanation for this dip is an unprecedented stream of negative advertising faced by Iowans, primarily aimed at Gingrich, who was leading the pack at the wrong time.  Among the top mud-slingers is a SuperPAC supporting Mitt Romney, which has spent $550,000 on anti-Gingrich attacks so far in Iowa and Florida.  Of course Gingrich is complaining, but there’s no doubt he would be doing the same thing if he were in Romney’s place.  After all, it’s easy to confuse Gingrich’s “Winning Our Future” SuperPac with Romney’s “Restore Our Future” SuperPAC.

Now it may be that this is a special case – the overall shitiness of the Republican field may make them more vulnerable to attacks.   However, it gives me considerable worry that we may be seeing our politicians becoming even more dependent on corporate donations and even less dependent on individual citizens in the very near future, as politicians realize that the voters’ concerns don’t matter if attacking their opponent into the ground is more effective.


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