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Romney’s massive corporate hate machine strikes again in Florida

An interesting thing has happened in the polls since South Carolina’s primary.  First, Newt Gingrich’s numbers nationwide have soared, turning a double-digit Romney lead into a 9 point Gingrich lead in about a week.  However, in Florida, that hasn’t happened.  Actually, Gingrich did erase Romney’s lead and was on top for a short time, but his numbers then dropped sharply in the last few days, which did not happen in the national poll.

What can explain the drop in Florida but not nationwide?  This article can:

According to NBC/Smart Media Group Delta, which tracks ads, Florida spending so far includes: Romney, $5.7 million; Restore Our Future, a pro-Romney “super” political action committee, $8.7 million; Gingrich, $145,000; Winning Our Future, a pro-Gingrich super PAC, $1.8 million

In other words, that’s $14.4 million in ads favoring Romney, and about $2 million in ads favoring Gingrich in Florida.  I also think that Romney’s ads get an effectiveness boost because Gingrich is particularly vulnerable to attack.  All you really have to do is remind voters that he’s Newt Gingrich. Furthermore, I’ve often wondered whether Republicans might be particularly prone to being swayed by ads – I get this from the large number of scams I hear advertised on conservative talk radio.

So I think that Republican voters are more favorable to Gingrich overall, but Romney’s strategy of doing massive hate-spewing advertising blitzes on a state-by-state basis may pay off.  I’m not sure if it will have as big of an impact on the general election because it may allow Obama to hit back by questioning the sources of the ads, which moderates may be less trusting of.


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