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The US Chamber of Commerce is trying to fool you with lies and half-truths because it thinks you’re a sucker

The US Chamber of Commerce has been unleashing a massive ad barrage in local elections, exclusively targeting Democrats and supporting Republican candidates.  The US Chamber of Commerce is America’s largest lobbying and political corruption organization.  It is frequently confused with the US Department of Commerce, a government organization to which the Chamber probably owes any trust it is given by the American public.  Starting in 2008, the Chamber began taking an aggressively anti-oversight, anti-environment, and pro-corruption stance, spending millions in local races to attack politicians that did not cave to their will and support those that do.  The Chamber refuses to say who its members are, and Toyota (a Japanese company) is the only member that I am aware of explicitly acknowledging membership in the shadowy federation.  FedEx and Sam’s Club also sponsor the Chamber’s webpage and offer discounts to members that help the Chamber advance its pro-corruption agenda.

In 2012, the Chamber has embarked on a massive campaign to attack candidates that have stood in the way of its attempt to get the entire government in its pocket.  Do they do this by informing you of their positions, and fairly comparing their beliefs with those of the candidates they’re opposing?  Of course not!  Their beliefs are that the government should be a corporate dictatorship where industry is free to pollute at will and taxes are exclusively paid by impoverished unregulated workers that die when they get sick.  Those beliefs could never fairly compete, so they have to lie.  That is why, out of seven Chamber statements rated by Politifact so far this election cycle, not one has been above the level of “half true”, and  5 of 7 have been “false” or “mostly false”.  Frankly, Politifact’s ratings have given a lot of slack to the Chamber, straining to find an “element of truth” in some statements that really should be “false” or “pants on fire”.

Why does the US Chamber of Commerce lie to you and give you partial information?  Because they think you’re a sucker.  They think they can fool you into voting against those who take a stand against corporate corruption and into voting for corporate puppets that will turn around and screw you over once they get into office.  Are they right?  We’ll find out this election season.

UPDATE 5/15/12:

The Chamber of Commerce’s atrocious record on the truth continues with a well-deserved “pants on fire” from Politifact.  They claim the new health care bill will kick 20 millions seniors off medicare, which doesn’t even have a grain of truth to support it.  It’s just a flat out lie.  Their record is now among the worst on Politifact.  Even Newt Gingrich, whose record I previously attacked as the worst, has some true and mostly true ratings.  Yet, because they sound like “Department of Commerce,” the dumber among the seniors this ad targets will trust this right-wing scam organization as it seeks to enslave them.


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