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Proof that widescreen laptops are stupid

Not too long ago I purchased my first computer in a long time, and was disappointed to see that every new laptop computer on Earth was suddenly a widescreen.  To me, this made no sense at all – if you’re writing something that’s going on a narrow sheet of paper, why would you want a big fat wide screen?  Here’s the only things other than laptop computers that are widescreens: TVs and movie screens.  Here’s what’s never a widescreen: books and notepads.  The reason is that short lines of text are much easier to read than long lines of text, which make it difficult to go back to the start of the next line and find your place again.  Which is a laptop more similar to?  I understand more people are watching movies on computers now, but its really still mostly for reading things and writing things.


Steve Jobs proves my point

Still not convinced?  Well, what if we did a little experiment – let’s say we gave someone some sort of computer-device that could just as easily be used as a widescreen or as a more narrow screen, like a book or notepad.  Then see which way people would prefer to use it.

Of course, we have such a device – it’s called an iPad.  Does anyone use an iPad sideways?  Of course not.   Actually, the mere fact that you know what I’m talking about when I says “use an iPad sideways” goes to show that we all just assume that a narrow screen is better.  It’s inituitive.  The only reason people ever got into widescreen computers was because of widescreen TVs, and the assumption that widescreen=better.  But who knows, maybe with the iPad’s popularity, we’ll be seeing narrow-screen TVs soon instead.


One response to “Proof that widescreen laptops are stupid

  1. Anonymous June 11, 2012 at 2:18 pm

    err… no widescreen is better.

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