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Americans For Prosperity thinks you’re a sucker

Factcheck.org reviews a widely-run ad by the Koch Brothers’ Americans For Prosperity group, which claims that the stimulus was mostly spent on overseas projects like traffic lights in China and a solar plant in Mexico.

The verdict?  Complete bollocks.  I would say that the ad is heavily misleading in that it claims the projects are overseas when they are being done here with parts from overseas.  However, even that would be too charitable to AFP – the projects are in the US, and most of the projects were required to use US-made parts.  Instead, the ad is making these claims because some of the parts of the parts being used in these projects may have been made overseas.

Once you go that far – claiming projects were done overseas when a tiny fraction of the parts were made overseas – there’s no longer any reason to even attempt to have a grain of truth.  You might as well just start making shit up and saying Obama is an evil robot-alien that eats white babies for breakfast.  The ad is not only untrue, it’s the opposite of true – it criticizes the stimulus for building projects overseas when they were actually built overheres.

Of course, the Koch brothers don’t care about where the stimulus money went.  They’re oil billionaires – they make the same oil billions whether jobs are created here or in China.  Instead, what they really want is to get you to vote politicians into office that will allow them to pollute as much as they want.  Because they’re Captain Planet villains who would rather watch the whole planet die instead of losing a penny to regulation.  And they think the American people are such incredible suckers that they can be fooled with blatant lies like the ones in this ad.  Are they right?  We’ll find out soon enough.


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