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The End

When I started this blog, I thought I’d have time to write in it regularly and be able to pursue some sort of direction.  Unfortunately life kinda sucks and the idea of just having a blog while making a living doesn’t seem to be all that possible.  I mean I though not watching any TV would be able to create space to write a fucking blog post once or twice a month, apparently not. There used to be a time when an educated person could work 60, 50, even 40 hours a week and make enough money to get their own place and eat three meals a day.  Unfortunately, I’ve come to realize that day has passed.

So the few blog posts I’ve gotten out have been rushed and sucky.  Because I have no fucking time to write them but feel like I need to write them anyway.  But it would be better to not write them at all than to put out the crap I’ve been putting out.

Maybe someday I will have a blog again, one that doesn’t suck.  Maybe if I retire in some 30, 40, 50, 100 years, although I have no idea how I’m ever going to save up enough to retire.  And it’s not like social security’s still going to be around at that time.

But it’s not so bad.  After all, 100 years ago the typical work day was sun up to sun down, six days a week.  And that was a shitty job too that involved loud noises, hard labor, and lots of danger of the not fun kind.  And the pay was shit too.  Today, if you work the same hours at a desk job, I guess it’s not that bad.  Although maybe compared to 50 years ago, it is.

I’ve already wasted way too much time on this post, which illustrates the problem with having this blog.

The end.

Hey, my 100th post, how perfect.


One response to “The End

  1. Anonymous September 23, 2013 at 2:23 pm

    I agree whole hea(r)tedly!!! When I tried to read the EULA (2013-09-23), the pdf for the Flash Player License Agreement was only obtainable in Arabic!!! In my opinion, Adobe’s licensing policy stinks to high heaven. I’m not going to update. Who knows what those sneaky bastards are up to. I regret agreeing (unread – of course) to their terms in the first place. Bet they are spying on us. I’ve taped over my webcam and microphone on my netbook and will continue to get along with as few of Adobe’s ‘services’ as possible in the future. I’m glad you posted your comments in such detail. Many thanks!!! David T.

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